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Online Therapy

Online therapy or counselling is suitable for everyone who wants to overcome life obstacles and/or improve their well-being, balance and happiness. Each individual is different in their own singularity. As such, I will work alongside with you to find the best answer for yourself. This type of consultation is especially suitable for expats, students and people with physical or psychological mobility issues.

Does Online Therapy work to the same degree as face-to-face Therapy?

Several scientific studies corroborate the effectiveness of online psychological therapy as similar to that obtained in face-to-face therapy (for more information, see some links below).


Online consultation is linked to a greater flexibility, regarding schedules and geographic location, greater convenience and less stress before and after consultation (e.g., no commute, therapy sessions can be held in diverse locations and in the comfort of your home). Some disadvantages include the lesser perception of the client's body language and the possibility that it will be more difficult for the client to find a place with privacy where he can speak openly without being heard by third parties.

      For more information:

How does it work?

Sessions are carried out via Skype. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour. The length of the psychological counselling depends on the issue you bring to therapy. You can decide to interrupt the therapy at any point.

In order to have online therapy you will need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a good camera and microphone, internet and a private place where you feel safe and comfortable during one hour. To help your online session to go as smoothly as possible, I recommend that you test the camera and microphone before the session begins. Please place the camera at face level a few moments before each consultation.

What can I help you with:
What I cannot help you with:
  • Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks or Phobias

  • Burnout

  • Sadness, Depression and Grief

  • Family or Relationship difficulties

  • Emotional difficulties (e.g., low self-esteem)

  • Behavioral difficulties (e.g., Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)

  • Life transition phases

  • Difficulties adjusting to a new or different culture

  • Personal growth and development

  • Job related questions and issues

There are a few cases in which I will not the right fit for you. Many people visit more than one mental health practitioner before they find the best fit. It takes a lot of strength to decide to do therapy, so and if you identify your case as one of the below, I hope you can try again and search for the help you need. 

  • Online sessions are not intended for people with less than 18 years of age.    

  • Online therapy sessions are not meant for people with certain problems or conditions (such as suicidal and/or homicidal intentions, psychotic patients and in situations of sexual abuse or pedophilia). If so, please contact your medical doctor (GP/huisarts), Hospital, the nearest emergency room or call 112.

  • Emergency care: I cannot provide emergency care. In case of an emergency, life-threatening crisis or if you or your loved one is losing grips with reality or having difficulty to communicate on a conscious level, contact your medical doctor (GP/huisarts), Hospital, the nearest emergency room or call 112. 

Confidentiality:  Every information provided, including the existence of the counselling itself, is confidential and private and will not be shared with any outside parties. No information will be revealed without the client's permission. All psychological work carried out is guided by ethical principles, defined and presented in the Code of Ethics of the Portuguese Psychologists Order (OPP).

Confidentiality can be broken if an immediate situation of danger is considered to exist for the client or for thirds parties, which could seriously threaten their physical or psychological integrity - danger to life, danger of significant damage, or any form of mistreatment of minors or particularly defenceless adults, due to age, disability, illness or other vulnerable conditions.

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